Wale – Show About Nothing

18 Aug


About a month back I grabbed tickets for the Wale concert August 16, 2010. The show was awesome, my buddy shane and I showed up at about 5:00 to Wale fans already outside.

The show started off with Tiara Thomas, she’s pretty nice give her a listen. If you ever watched Run’s House or listend to Diggy Simons then head over to Rap Radar and check his performance. Wale was a little late but fuck it, he took over an gave the fans what they came for, and what they didn’t come for. J. Cole made a guest appearance on stage and performed Blow Up a track he recently dropped. Check his performance here! You’d think J. Cole would end Wale’s guests. You thought wrong, Fabolous then popped out from back stage to perform “Pretty Girls Remix”! Check out his performance here!


For $12 I couldn’t of picked a better show to go to! If you wanna check out more of the show head over to RapRadar.com, they got the whole show on there.


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